Driving lessons in Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Gateshead, Consett, South Shields.

Looking for driving lessons in Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Gateshead, South Shields, Consett or surrounding areas? Bradley's driving school has now been established for over twelve years and our excellent rates, expert knowledge and ability to get our clients through the driving test first time has helped us to become one of the leading driving schools in the North East.

What our customers really say!


 Review: I had Derek as my driving instructor. I found learning to drive with him easy. His methods for all the manuvers were great and easy to remember. Derek was really patient and at the beginning of every lesson I had he would ask me If there was anything I would like to do or go over in that lesson. He had more confidence in me to pass then I did in myself. I would highly recommend Derek. I did to my sister and she has also just passed with him.

Louise Maddison - 22nd August 2016



 Would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Kirsop for getting me through my driving test. Brilliant instructor who helped me become the confident driver I am today. Who believed in me when I thought I was I doing things wrong and stuck by me right til the end, even when I was ready to give up. So thank you once again.100% recommend Steve to everyone who is wanting to learn to drive with Bradley's Driving School.

Jodie Hardwick - 22nd August 2016


That’s an astonishing 48 Zero Faults!

OMG! Another clean sheet this week.  Congratulations to Andrew Mackenzie from Seaham who passed his practical driving test FIRST TIME with a CLEAN SHEET on the 17th August at the Sunderland test centre. Andrew enrolled on one of our forty hour courses over ten days but only needed thirty six hours including test day. Our methods really do work and this strikes home why we think we are your No 1 choice for driving lessons.  

Congratulations to Driving instructor Kenneth Smith and his client Andrew Mackenzie on taking our CLEAN SHEET TOTAL TO AN ASTONISHING 48 ZERO FAULT TEST PASSES