Driving lessons in Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Gateshead, Consett, South Shields.

Looking for driving lessons in Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Gateshead, South Shields, Consett or surrounding areas? Bradley's driving school has now been established for over twelve years and our excellent rates, expert knowledge and ability to get our clients through the driving test first time has helped us to become one of the leading driving schools in the North East.

What our customers really say!


Choose Bradleys driving school after searching online and decided to learn with them as they seemed to have really good pass rates. Was learning to drive before but just didn't feel comfortable with my last instructor. I can't speak for the other instructors but I was so glad I had Paul to teach me to drive. I was over the moon with him, he was fantastic. A very patient an promp instructor. It was the way he explained things in great detail that really helped me to grasp learning to drive. Highly recommend. Five stars all day long

Amy Crossling - 8th February 2017



Recommened Paul by after my sister passed first time with him Paul is a very good instructor who knows what he is talking about. Enjoyed learning with him as he always tried to improve your driving by pointing out your mistakes and help you put them right. Would Recommened.


Sam Dicken - 7th February 2017


That’s an astonishing 49 Zero Faults!

OMG! Another clean sheet this week.  Congratulations to Joe Morgan from West Cornforth near County Durham who passed his practical driving test FIRST TIME with a CLEAN SHEET on the 12th October at the Meadowfield  test centre in County Durham. We think Joe's parents need to take the credit for this one as Joe only needed six hour hours for some fine tuning. Our methods really do work and this strikes home why we think we are your No 1 choice for driving lessons.  

Congratulations to Driving instructor Kenneth Smith and his client Joe Morgan on taking our CLEAN SHEET TOTAL TO AN ASTONISHING 49 ZERO FAULT TEST PASSES